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Pain and Spine Consultants has been serving Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas since 1998. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care with a focus on customer service and a commitment to excellence. When Dr. Nwofia arrived in Nashville, there was a lack of Physiatrists treating pain management. Dr. Nwofia’s vision for a multi-disciplinary approach to pain drove him to combine superior clinical care with the latest, and most effective, spinal and neuro-musculoskeletal interventional procedures. Through Dr. Nwofia’s vision and hard work, we have grown from a single location in Nashville, to five locations throughout Middle Tennessee. This growth has only been possible with the support of exceptional providers and support staff, as well as the trust placed in us by referring physicians and patients.

The physicians at Pain and Spine Consultants provide consultations and medical management to patients suffering from spinal and musculoskeletal conditions as well as physical disabilities. Our specialists combine superior clinical care with the latest spinal and neuro-musculoskeletal interventional procedures.

As spine physiatrists, we are trained in the non-surgical care of all spinal and musculoskeletal conditions. We specialize in diagnostic techniques that allow us to tailor specific treatment programs for each of our patients. These programs may include the use of minimally invasive therapies, physical rehabilitation, and medications. Our goal is to maximize our patients’ function and to improve the quality of their lives.

We offer alternative treatment options for patients who want to avoid surgery, have had unsuccessful surgical results or who don’t have surgical options available. We have a caring and welcoming staff to make your visit comfortable and pleasant. Our exceptional providers, use their vast experience and knowledge to provide a strategic approach to your care. Referring providers and patients put their trust in us, based on our reputation and a proven track record of results. We strive to provide an environment that recognizes the impact chronic pain has on patients and their families. We specialize in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that allow us to ascertain the cause of your pain and establish a comprehensive treatment plan, specifically tailored for each patient. These treatments may include minimally invasive therapies, physical rehabilitation and narcotic therapy.

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